Thursday, March 17, 2011

Malaysian Ghost Movies Review

Jom tengok cerita hantu!

Lately the Malaysian movie scene has experienced upgrades in terms of quality. And since tonight is Friday night we'll review 3 of the latest horror movies that are worth watching:

1. Sini Ada Hantu

This is a ghost movie about ghost stories. That's right, there are 3 ghost stories within a ghost story. We begin with delivery service drivers Ah Meng and Bakri being recruited in the last minute to send a Chinese coffin to its destination before the next morning. So as the duo were traveling the quiet highway through the night, they share ghost stories together while hilariously debating whether the Malay or Chinese ghost was superior. And we have a ghost story involving Ah Meng and Bakri, with more plot twistssssss! Watch it!

"Hantu Cina mana ada kacau Melayu" <-haha XD

2. Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah

A sequel (somewhat) to Zombi Kampung Pisang, the story follows Awie again as he return to his beloved village as a successful man to marry a girl he had once broken up with. Things get messed up when the whole village of only 10-15 villagers is terrorized by the ghost of Kak Limah. It's a comedy with a lot of cameos, spoof and pokes on current trends, like the old government. Hell, even the bomoh from Ngankung makes a cameo hahaha! WARNING: This movie contains heavy mixtures of dialects, accents and Manglish. Watch with subtitles on.

3. Khurafat

After 2 comedic horror movies let's look at something that takes horror seriously. This is a M- Night Shyamalan style horror movie with plot twistsssssssss. I won't spoil it, so watch it! It's very serious horror movie with a lot of blue and night scenes (somehow) about a recently married mortician who is haunted by a strange entity. Enough said.

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midori_12 said...

I laughed like what only!!! Haha. Quick question, Ah Meng ya ada ka x kn lgr???