Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Konfrontasi II: Malaysia-Indonesia Conflict

It's been 43 years since the first Konfrontasi which saw victory on our side after Indonesia accepted the formation of Malaysia. Now in 2009, claims of invading Boleh Land by land, sea and air on October 8 seems silly but must not be taken lightly. We are at war.

Apparently everyone is downplaying the invasion due to the silliness of the plan to invade Malaysia in such a short notice. This is further supported by the tactics used by the jihadist guerrilla group participating in the invasion (read Malaysia Today quote below to see why).

On the Malaysian side:
The Star: KJ downplays ‘invasion’ threat ‘

PETALING JAYA: The safety of Malaysian citizens in Indonesia is of more concern than the scheduled “invasion” of Malaysia on Oct 8.

On Friday, the Jakarta Globe published an article about Indonesian nationalist group Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat’s (Bendera) plans to invade Malaysia by “air, land and sea” next Thursday.

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said they were monitoring developments with moderate concern and a tinge of amusement.

“We are confident the fringe group will not be able to carry out any of its ridiculous threats,” he said in response to the story about the supposed “invasion” that was posted on dailychilli.com yesterday.

Source: http://thestar.com.my/

On the non-participating Indonesian side:
Malaysia Today: Indonesia Embassy dismisses claims that BENDERA movement planning to ‘invade’ Malaysia

According to the counselor of information of the Indonesian Embassy, there are no such thing as vigilantes in Jakarta who are waging war on Malaysia come 8 October. Widyarka Ryananta, the counselor dismissed claims that BENDERA (Bentang Demokrasi Rakyat) is planning to invade Malaysia as reported in the Jakarta Globe.

In another publication, The Daily Chilli claims that BENDERA are ready to invade Malaysia as they have already collected bows, arrows, bamboo spears and samurai swords in preparation.

Source: http://www.malaysiatoday.com/

On the invaders' side:
Sekilas Indonesia: Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat (Bendera) Latih 40 Relawan “Jihad” ke Malaysia

Sebanyak 40 orang telah mendaftarkan diri sebagai relawan perang melawan Malaysia di posko yang dibuka oleh aktivis Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat (Bendera) di Jalan Diponegoro 58, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat.

Menurut keterangan Koordinator Bendera, Muchtar Bonaventura, pihaknya akan membuka posko relawan perang hingga Lebaran pada 21 Septermber mendatang. Hal ini dilakukan guna memberi kesempatan kepada relawan untuk pulang kampung bertemu keluarga mereka.

“Siapa tahu setelah perang tidak bisa pulang dalam keadaan hidup,” katanya kepada okezone di Jakarta.

Setelah direkrut, kata Muchtar, para relawan tersebut akan mendapatakan pelatihan khusus mengenai taktik dan strategi perang gerilya oleh anggota legiun veteran Indonesia.

Translation: Briefly, 40 volunteers have signed up to join BENDERA's campaign to invade Malaysia. They are being trained in all necessary skills needed. They are allowed to go back to their hometowns to see their parents for one last time before the October 8th invasion.

Source: http://sekilasindonesia.com/

Get ready for war?


Angeline said...

serious? O_O

Ham said...

serious... yea it sounds bullshitty but m'sia is at war wif singapore & indonesia regarding culture, thanks to some m'sians who bravely claimed several cultural and food comes from m'sia...

Further reading on Singapore-Malaysia food war:

Food War: Singapore vs Malaysia

Angeline said...

Crazy people nowadays, have too much free time on hand ah~

zain said...

I'm a Malaysian who frequently travel to Jakarta & Bandung, my view on this is that what these groups are trying to do is hurt Indonesia more than they want to hurt Malaysia. They are using hate tactics like Bush did on the Patriot Act for Americans. Before the major Indonesia election I talked to many Indonesian about their stand on who they will vote for and not surprising they are going for SBY. This Anti-Malaysia tactics is only a part of their tactics to bring down SBY, with their stupid comments about how SBY causing the earthquakes (if he's that powerful they should really be afraid of him) and other nonsense stuff they throw on him to make him step down, I'm not surprised that this is another way to undermine his authority even more. I live around and with successful Indonesians that's making a peaceful and prosperous living in Malaysia, some of them who don't even want to go back ever again (maybe there's nothing left for them there anymore) that tell me all these ignorant pawns are only doing it because they have nothing worthwhile doing in their lives, the politicians see this as a great opportunity to use them as expendable pawns, create chaos on the streets as they pressure your President more in their luxurious office/home, while these people put themselves in pain and stress over matters that been blown up by politicians who's doing it while having sex with innocent young girls/boys, sipping from their champagne glasses and laughing as they watch their hate seed grew on TV. I'm not here to tell you things don't happen in Malaysia, all the shit happened to the maids, etc. but trust me that it happened to Malaysians too, if I get RM1.00 every time my frustration about Malaysian authority comes up, Bill Gates will be my personal slave. The only difference about Malaysia and Indonesia is (what I love most) that you guys have this policy, "kebebasan berkarya asal tidak mencemar agama", wish I can say that about Malaysia, there's a lot to be said about politics, but the only thing I hope is that Malaysians does not react stupidly on this (I know they plant their hate seeds everywhere to get a reaction) because this is what they hate mongers want, for us to react. Don't feed this root of evil, let them be and they will die if we look at it as just a political move to create destructive chaos (there's a beautiful chaos if you're wondering), don't hate these people that says they hate us but sympathize on their ignorance, politics does not rule our lives and please do not let it rule our mind. Our planet is sick, there are more urgent matters that we should put our minds and effort towards. Watch this video, listen to it, there's a lot of language for it.

nanashi said...

dude.. love your comment.. *well, except that indonesian who goes overseas not wanting to go back home. i am an indonesian living in australia and i see it the same way you see it.. that they intend to attack indonesian government more than they intend to attack malaysian. However, i have to add that in order to cease these hate mongers from spreading more hate.. the malaysian government should also be more serious about those companies who makes the tourism advertisement that spark this ridiculousness. for my understanding they have been making the ad since 2007 and the malaysian government let them run around and make more tourism advertisement that make it seems like you guys are stealing cultures. as for someone who went overseas, it sadden me that some of your friend thinks like that about coming back to indonesia.. but i do believe when the political situation, the official goverment and general public are more intelligent.. i am sure that they would want to return.. indonesia is such a rich country and it can grow almost infinitely if the people is more hard working and intelligent. my personal belief is to go back to the country for betterment of my country. otherwise what's the point of going overseas to study.